Building Cleaning Services & Glass Restoration Company

The needs of businesses today are many and diverse. Managers want to have things handled by someone who is competent and trustworthy. The trouble is finding that service.

Every facility and storefront is unique in its cleaning issues. A few customers only need minimal maintenance for their window upkeep. Some customers that have heavy traffic flow areas may need to have us focus on pressure washing the sidewalk areas. Certain times of the year cobwebs may become an issue that needs addressed. Yet others may just notice that the parking lot striping and markings are in need re-painting.

Another primary concern in our area is water-stained windows. In the Columbia Basin sprinkler stains on glass is a serious problem. One of our more popular services is our Glass Restoration service. Yes we actually restore scratched or sprinkler stained glass and then can give the customer a Lifetime Guarantee that the windows will not stain again.

We are an expanded service exterior cleaning and glass restoration company. We are constantly exploring new services for our customers. You may want to glance at the menu of services we provide at the bottom of this page, and if you don’t see your specific need there, just ask! We will try to accommodate you.