Scratched Glass & Water Stain Restoration

  • Complete restoration service available
  • Save on cost of expensive replacement
  • Lifetime Guarantee - prevents sprinkler staining
  •

Pressure Washing & Building Wash-Down Services

  • Hot water and steam cleaning
  • Cold water and low pressure cleaning
  • Flat surface cleaning for sidewalks 
  • Heavy cleaning or spot cleaning for almost any surface
  • Full building washdown, spot clean areas, high-reach areas 
  • Grease Removal
  • Gum Removal
  • Awning Cleaning
  •

Storefront Services

  • Vinyl lettering signage service
  • Paint & graffiti removal services 
  • Awning maintenance & sealing - factory recommended 
  • Scheduled cleaning upkeep programs
  • Shopping cart cleaning - factory recommended
  • Emergency response service

Bird Solutions

  • Safely and humanely control birds
  • Preventive bird spike installation
  • Netting
  • Live capture
  •

Residential Window Cleaning

  • House Washdown and Clean the window at the same time
  • Gutter cleaning & cobweb touch-up
  • Driveway and walkway cleaning
  • No maintenance worry approach for our customers
  • Residential referrals - How customers can save 50%
  • Gift certificates available
  • Discounts for regular maintenance 

Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Phased cleaning approach for larger facilities
  • All maintenance tasks defined and scheduled into plan 
  • Variety of maintenance equipment and techniques
  • Specializing in multi-story buildings