Have Sprinklers Left Their Mark On Your Windows?

Don’t replace expensive windows, restore them!

Now you can bring those stained windows back to life.  Save a ton of money and restore your windows back to new condition.  Even the most badly stained glass can be resurfaced back to its original clarity.  The best part about this service is that once the glass is restored and sealant applied, we can guarantee the windows against staining for the lifetime of the glass. 
Windows stained from sprinklers have become a common problem.  Just a slight breeze blows the mist from your lawn sprinklers onto the windows where it becomes extremely difficult to remove.  The stains actually get inside pores of the glass. 
Our specially developed sealant bonds molecularly with the silica on the surface of the glass, becoming part of the glass and filling the pores.  The pores are now so small that the minerals and other contaminates from sprinklers cannot penetrate and become imbedded into the surface of the window. Water beads off and the windows stay cleaner between services.  This is an excellent system for high visibility areas or where glass needs to be replaced. 
We offer a Lifetime Guarantee of your windows that they will not stain.  You can continue to have the clear view that you had when the windows were new.  And the expense and frustration of replacing the terrible looking glass is no longer an issue. 

Scratched Glass?

New Construction 

Glass can become scratched during delivery, installation, or during the building process. Contractors may prefer having the damaged glass restored at a reduced rate instead of putting off deadlines and straining relationships with eager homebuyers. 
Our service offers the homebuyer a solution to sprinkler water-staining problems in the future as we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that they will have no staining problems. 

Commercial & Marine Industry

Glass for RV's or Boats can be very expensive.  Damage can occur due to vandalism, windshield wiper scratches, road debris, stains from water spray during cleaning, etc.... Before resorting to replacement costs resurfacing the glass is the alternative.  This new technology now available to the general public does fantastic work on even the most difficult water stains and scratches. 

Manufactures & Distributors

Plate glass and windows can become scratched or scuffed during production or postproduction, during shipping or in a warehouse. Instead of backing up delivery schedules and builder deadlines you can have the glass restored in support of your clients.
Adding the Lifetime Guaranteed sealant to the glass before construction speeds up cleaning time. Paint overspray, stucco construction, scratches from razor blades, or rough handling are all common causes for scratched glass.  It makes cleaning even serious construction stains easier for your customers.
Scratch Removal- Which you can feel with your fingernail, can usually be removed using the polisher. Most moderate scratches are caused by razor blades, towels, or glass rubs during the construction process. Deep scratches may require more work.