Pressure Washing and Deep Cleaning

We have the ability to customize our services to your particular needs.  Whether it’s gum removal, pressure-washing large surface areas or stripping off other contaminants we have the equipment to handle your location. 

Hot and cold water, low and high pressure, flat or varied surfaces, whatever your needs, we can meet them. Here you see just a sampling of our work.  

Let us use our expertise to care for your storefront and sidewalks.  This service is part of our comprehensive cleaning programs that provides your business with the appearance you want.

Here’s just a few of the solutions we can provide. Each solution is implemented with your business and building in mind to give optimum results and satisfaction:

Grease Removal

Our revolutionary system includes use of microbes that actively remove grease and is environmentally safe.
  • Parking Stall Cleaning - keep your lot clean and slip-free.
  • Kitchen Grease - keep your employees safe and your kitchen clean!
  • Microbial Grease Fighters - once applied, microbes (not enzymes), go to work, literally eating away at grease, fats, and oils in drain lines, sanitary sewers, and lift stations. Safe for use in lines and waste treatment systems, and contains no caustic chemicals.

Awning Cleaning and Maintenance

Again, we have a multitude of solutions for you. Whether you have vinyl or fabric awnings, we have something to keep your awnings clean, shiny, and long-lasting, saving you money by extending your awnings’ life span beyond normal.
  • Vinyl Awnings - our solution cleans, then coats the vinyl with a protective layer, a barrier between the sun, sand, and wind.
  • Fabric Awnings - we will clean your fabric awnings with a deep-cleaning solution, then treat with a sealer that prevents sun and environmental damage, and inhibits mildew growth.

Gum Removal

Get rid of unsightly gum from walls, walks, windows, and more.