I can tell you right now why we chose Advanced - you are all clean cut and professional.  We knew right away we could trust you in the delicate areas of the hospital. And, you've been able to clean difficult areas that the other guys didn't even get to.... We've had a difficult time finding a really good, professional service to clean for us.  Even the bigger companies are hard to rely on - their services and high-prices left much to be desired. We've had smaller companies give us good prices, but we never knew what type of people or what kind of job we would get!

Kadlec Medical Center
Richland, WA

We have been very pleased with the work that was done by Advanced Window Care! They were very responsive to the needs that we had and did an excellent job of cleaning our windows in the timeline we had available.

Kristeen, Business Manager
Three Rivers Coliseum
Kennewick, WA

We have serious staining issues because of the anodized aluminum on our building. It leaves stains on our windows. No one before has been able to effectiveley clean off the staining. I couldn't have asked for better work and professionalism.  

Kootenai Medical Center
Coeur d'Alene ID