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Wash Down Your Building & Clean Your Windows at the Same Time

This new system has become a favorite with customers because it is speedy, cost effective and non-intrusive.  This equipment does an excellent job of cleaning as it uses a variety of soaps, both high and low pressure, and rinses spot free.  It is even has hot water in its cleaning arsenal.  The machine eliminates the need for lift equipment and ladders in many cases, making it cost effective without bothering clients and tenants.  Many of our customers have achieved a 30-60% savings because of our specialized equipment.  This is quickly becoming the preferred cleaning technique with many of our customers.   
We offer a variety of techniques and equipment to accommodate the specific needs at your facility.  We are experienced in working in areas where discretion and caution are necessary. 
You may click on the pictures at the top of this page and visit our Commercial Services page to see some of the other equipment we use and find out what people have to say about us.

How to pick a good window cleaning company

ARE THEY CLEAN-CUT, DISCREET AND UNIFORMED? - Uniforms quickly identify people and puts the panic of unknown faces to rest.  Understanding the need of being discreet and attempting to be out of the way as much as possible is important.

IS THERE A GUARANTEE ON WORK? - Are they properly equipped to do larger jobs effectiveley. Are screens cleaned at no extra charge?  This usually separates the commercial cleaner from the residential. 
IS THERE ADEQUATE INSURANCE AND BONDING SHOULD A PROBLEM ARISE? - You may want to get copies for your records, also consult your insurer to make sure the insurance limits are high enough.
ARE THEY SAFTEY AND LIFT EQUIPMENT TRAINED? - Anyone can go rent a lift but are they trained and experienced? Do they own proper OSHA approved fall arrest equipment and understand the principals and procedures for use?  Work zone areas should be properly marked, improper barricading could cause injury or death to people.  The goings on at your facility can become a liability of the building manager.

DO THEY HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION, AND GOOD COMMUNICATION? - Coordination at a large facility is a must.  Radio communication should be used when appropriate.  It is common for companies to try and clean a huge facility in a weekend and use primarily unskilled, last-minute help that is just there to make a few quick bucks.  This can make for sloppy, even missed areas.  This type of situation is a liability.


Commercial Services

The needs of Hospital and Building Managers are diverse. We've made it our aim to accommodate our commercial clients large variety of maintenance needs as we work that into any budgetary considerations.

We specialize in difficult cleaning and solutions in renovating glass and windows.

This picture shows some of our proprietary Window Cleaning equipment that allows us to use a spot free clean and rinse method from the ground. The system allows us to wash down your building as we clean the windows.

In many cases this system is a great advantage in speed and cost over lift equipment and ladders.

What Makes Us Different From Other Maintenance Services?

  • Uniformed, Professional Technicians
  • Limit potential damage to property with our training and special equipment
  • Lift-equipment, safety trained personnel & fall arrest OSHA approved equipment
  • Planning for large projects and phased maintenance approach
  • Payment options in support of your budgetary & management requirements
Kathy of Kadlec Medical Center in Richland, WA says: “I can tell you right now why we chose Advanced - you are all clean cut and professional. We knew right away we could trust you in the delicate areas of the hospital..........” .
If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to
contact us.

Residential Home Cleaning Services

After consulting with you, we develop the best cleaning solution that fits your needs at a reasonable price. Maintaining your home in such a comprehensive manner keep its value up and you have the time to enjoy it.
One issue that often comes up in our area is the sprinkler stain problem. However, your water stain worries can be over. We offer a lifetime guarantee to protect your windows from this damage. Most people are excited that finally there is a clear solution.

Difficult Homes

If you have a difficult time finding someone willing to clean your home affordably because of challenging terrain or the height of your windows your problems are over. We specialize in cleaning windows at homes that fit that description.

Need Curb Appeal?

Selling your home? Having a special event? Need your home to look its best? We offer exterior consultation and maintenance for staging your home. When selling a home, buyers are attracted to a well kept home. Curb appeal really does make a difference.

Residential Promotion

We offer our residential clients a way to save 50% off their next window cleaning service. How? Simply have a friend, family member, or neighbor sign up for at least one year of service. Another way to take advantage of this discount is giving window care as a gift. If you would like to find out more about these money saving options you may contact us via our contact page or call us directly at (509) 543-3418 and mention you saw it on the web.